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About HRC

Hair Transplant Centers, a company of Hair Restoration Centers (HRC), has been in business for over twenty years with one goal in mind—providing every patient the opportunity to feel self-confident in their appearance.  In order to achieve that goal, HRC has been focused on providing our patients with the most affordable hair restoration procedures, the most advanced technologies, a network across the country of exceptional surgeons to work with to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Our surgeons understand what a meaningful impact unwanted hair loss can make in the lives of our patients.  We also understand that one of the key questions that many of our patients have is about cost.  How much does a hair transplant cost?  Surprisingly, a lot less than one may think.  We don’t want the cost of a hair transplant to be a barrier to a confident, new you.

HRC affiliated surgeons are committed to being on the leading edge of advances in hair restoration technology at the lowest cost to ensure that our patients can financially afford to achieve their desired goal of full, natural-looking hair and the confidence achieved along with that.

To find out how much your hair transplant procedure may cost with Hair Restoration Centers, please complete our quotation request.  One of patient advisors will contact you in confidence to put you on the path in selecting one of our many dedicated and experienced surgeons who will provide you with a hair transplant at a great price and even greater value.

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