FUE Hair Transplant Costs

Our mission is to provide our patients with hair transplants that are affordable and suitable for all budgets. Our $3 hair grafts are competitively priced.  Please review our comparison chart to measure against other higher priced clinics.

With decades of combined experience among them, our highly skilled surgeons will ensure an exemplary hair transplant at an affordable cost.

FUE Starting As Low As $3 Per Graft


$3 per graft

1,500 Grafts
2,000 Grafts
2,500 Grafts
3,000 Grafts


$6 per graft

1,500 Grafts
2,000 Grafts
2,500 Grafts
3,000 Grafts

Financing options are also available to help you achieve that full head of hair that you deserve.

The pricing above reflects your hair transplant cost; based upon the number of hair grafts you receive in your procedure. This cost comparison does NOT reflect additional savings using our $600 Travel Allowance.

Approximately 1,500 hair grafts are required on an average hair transplant procedure. At Hair Restoration Centers, this would normally cost $4,500. Taking into account our $600 travel allowance, the cost is instantly reduced to $3,900.

By comparison, the average surgeon usually charges around $6 per graft, our procedure will save you $5,100.  This additional savings could fund a hair transplant with even more density and fullness.

We offer low cost hair transplant procedures performed by highly skilled surgeons and staff with no hidden fees or surprises.  Therefore, we are your first choice for a premier hair restoration procedure.

At Hair Transplant Centers by Hair Restoration Centers, we care about our patients and about what we do. We believe that the cost of hair restoration should be affordable to everyone. To learn more about our procedure options and financing, contact our clinics for a competitive quote.

We work closely in conjunction with a financing company, Care Credit.  Care Credit offers cosmetic surgery loans; making them the perfect solution for financing your hair restoration procedure. Care Credit can give you an easily affordable monthly payment option based on your financing needs.

Cash Payment

A cash payment is not an acceptable form of payment for deposits or advance surgery payments. However, cash is accepted for your balance payment on the day of your surgery.

Personal Check

Personal checks may be used for a deposit and advance surgery payments only. Checks must be received within 3 days of booking your appointment in order to complete your booking and at least thirty days before your surgery date for advance surgery payments. There will be a $100 return check fee for any returned check that must be paid before an alternative deposit can be transacted. A personal check may be used for advance surgery payments if it is received at least thirty days before your surgery date.

Cashier’s Checks/Money Orders

Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders may be used as deposit, advance surgery or balance payments. You will be required to provide additional payment should your remaining balance payment be more than the amount on the face of the check on the day of your procedure. Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders must be received within 3 days of booking your appointment for deposit payments, and at least thirty days before your surgery date for both deposit and advance surgery payments.

Credit Cards

Credit card payments may be used as deposit, advance surgery and balance payments. Credit and debit cards are a preferred payment tender.  If you are using a bank/debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo affixed to the front, it is important you check your daily spending limit with your bank and increase this limit if necessary.


Quick and secure payments without sharing your financial information.

PayPal enables you to send money securely online. PayPal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Hair Restoration Centers offer both PayPal Checkout and PayPal Pay Later options for your convenience.

PayPal Checkout
Skip the online forms and complete your checkout in just a few taps by using the PayPal Checkout. PayPal allows you to use your favorite payment options on almost any device.

PayPal Pay Later
Buy now, pay over time.

Pay Later is now PayPal Credit. Pay now or pay over time with PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit is a reusable credit line available on purchases at thousands of stores that accept PayPal. Plus, it comes with the same security and flexibility you trust from PayPal.

  • Enjoy No Interest if paid in full in options.
  • Or, take advantage of Easy Payment options where you can pay the same amount each month.

Lending Club

Payment Option - Lending Club

Hair restoration financing made easy.

Move forward with your hair restoration with more affordable financing options through LendingClub Patient Solutions.

Take advantage of payment plan options designed to fit your budget, with features that include:

  • A quick and simple online application that leads to an instant decision
  • Visibility to all the monthly payments and rates you prequalify for with no impact to your credit until you select a plan and move forward.
  • No retroactive interest
  • No upfront fees or payments

To explore your options today, call your specialist or visit lendingclub.com for more information.

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Enhanced Patient Finance

Enhance Patient Financing accounts must be pre-approved and applied for prior to surgery. To apply for Enhance Patient Financing for a surgery with Robotic Hair Transplants through Hair Restoration Centers, be sure to visit Our Enhance Patient Financing Page. Enhance Patient Financing accounts may be applied to balance payments only. Existing Enhance Patient Financing accounts may be used. Discuss these financing options with your Patient Advisor.

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What is a deposit and why is it required?  In order to book and retain your surgery appointment time, a deposit payment is made in advance of your surgery.   Hair Restoration surgery has become an increasingly popular and sought-after cosmetic procedure.  Hair Restoration Centers (HRC) only makes surgery appointments along with a deposit to avert last-minute cancellations and missed appointments.    Deposit payments may vary and can be discussed with your Patient Advisor.


Are deposits refundable?  Up to two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery appointment your deposit can be refunded.  If cancellation is required within the two weeks prior to your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to your rescheduled appointment.  However, your deposit will be forfeited if new arrangements are not made within 7 days of the cancellation to reschedule your surgery appointment.  In addition, if you do not show up on your appointment date without cancelling or rescheduling, your deposit will be indefinitely forfeited.


When do I pay my balance payment on my surgery day?

  • Balance payments are paid preliminarily upon check-in by way of pre-authorization.
  • All credit cards will be pre-authorized for the estimated amount.
  • Cash, money orders and cashier’s checks will be obtained and authorized.
  • Finance accounts will be pre-charged and must be signed for by the patient.
  • Additional payment form(s) will be discussed and documented.

Once a final graft count is known, authorizations and pre-charges will be finalized.  If required, additional payment form(s) will be processed for any additional charges.

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